The Manu National Park is home to 1025 species of birds, 221 species of mammals, 8 types of wildcats, 115 species of reptiles, 27 types of macaws and 15 species of primates. That is possible thanks to the huge area of protection, that includes areas from 250 meters above sea level up to 4000 meters above sea level. So it combines andean ecosystems (3500-4000m), elfin forest (2500-3500m), cloud forest (1200-2500m), high rain forest (500-1200m) and low rain forest (500-1200m). Furthermore, you can find lagunas and little lakes.

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Bamboo Manu Ecolodge


Bamboo lodge has land that we use in a sustainable way we plan to educate ourselves better we are determined to collect your experiences, we know that our combined efforts will contribute to improving the environment, we think that our family project of volunteering in various specialties, will display to people the route to raise awareness and involve our neighbors in this great task of improving and conserving.

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